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Name of partner Category Nature of activities
Lal Teer Seed Ltd. Private company Seed research and development, breeding, propagation, distribution and sales; advisory services to customers through dedicated extension organization.
Interdisciplinary Centre for Food Security (ICF) / BAU Public authority ICF is a research centre associated with Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) in Mymensingh focusing on interdisciplinary research and education for food security.
mPower Social Enterprises Ltd. Private company Development Intelligence – application of IT and telecom technology including management of IT platforms for (remote) data collection, processing and transmission.
Multisourcing Pvt. Ltd. Private company Provision of SMS and IVR based applications to a broad range of customers; development of web based solutions from websites to e-Commerce solutions, customer management solutions and others.
Alterra (Stichting DLO – Dienst Landbouwkunding Onderzoek) Private research and knowledge institution Geo processing and earth observation, building data infrastructures and user-cantered applications, soil fertility, farm management and bottom-up action research, agricultural business development and innovation, project management.
Netherlands Geomatics & Earth Observation BV (NEO) Private company Providing imagery, software and consultancy for the utilization of earth observation data for various purposes.
Unnayan Onneshan Not-for-profit trust Unnayan conducts science-led independent research, monitors and analyses projects and programmes, develops evidence-based new approaches to public policies and innovative alternative solutions on the ground.