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Welcome to GEOBIS

  • Improve the output of the agricultural, pastoral and fishing sector in Bangladesh by providing food producers with relevant information, advice or (financial) products.
  • Reach a minimum 10% increase in sustainable food production and/or an improved financial situation for at least three million food producers by providing them with relevant and timely information services.
  • Help achieve 10% increased effectiveness in usage of inputs for food production (water, seeds, pesticides, etc.)

The focus on sustainable improvement in food production along with more efficient usage of water in agriculture. G4AW aims to alleviate poverty by enhancement of sustainable economic growth and self-reliance in the G4AW partner countries.

   Our Services

  • Advice on seed variety and quantity
  • Advice on seed bed preparation and land preparation
  • Advice on sowing and transplanting (timing, how to)
  • Advice on irrigation and application of fertilizers and agro-chemicals (timing, quantity, type)
  • Information on weather conditions and preventive practices in case of adverse weather conditions
  • Support with identification of pest and diseases, information about pest risk level, advice on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in case of pests or plant disease attacks

   Summary of the outcomes

  • 10% increase of farm income due to increased productivity and / or efficiency of farming at 330,000 farming households
  • Improved management of agricultural land and more efficient use of seeds, water, fertilizers, pesticides
  • Increased supply of rice, vegetables, and cereals at a reduced price
  • Improved export potential for agricultural produce from Bangladesh
  • Improved public service delivery by ICF